Taiyo or Ritek DVD-R?

I have the chance to get Taiyo Yuden Silver Label DVD-R’s or Ritek G04’s for my LiteOn 411S.
I was wondering which make is better for my burner?

If this has been asked before, sorry about it I couldnt find anything like this from my search.

Thanks in advance.

TY! Always! You didn’t do your search properly, suggest you check out our subforum :wink:
RitekG04 isnt bad either btw, does it differ much in price?

And welcome to our club.

My research has not been extensive I just started looking into media about 3 days ago as thats when I got my first DVD burner.

Thanks for the advice.
I can get Taiyo’s for about $1.89/each and Ritek for $1.15/each.

Get the TY if you will depend on the discs being good quality and lasting a long time. Get the ritek if it’s just for everyday use.