Taiyo deal?

I just ordered a 100/pack of: Taiyo Yuden 8X DVD-R Media Silver Thermal Lacquer DVD-R from Supermediastore for 39 bucks shipped. The are made in Japan, company promises they are “real” Taiyo Yudens.

Is this a great deal or just ok, been using cheap Memorex media and have some hits and misses,

this is a “good” deal and they are real TY :slight_smile:

Rima has them for $33 + shipping. Their UPS shipping to me is about $5.50 for 1, $6.50 for 2 and $7.50 for 3.

I just ordered 1 x TY 8x -R TYG02 and 2 x TY +R YUDEN000 T02.


You are talking US prices right ? I’d always be suspicious of good deals - Just to be on the safe side you would mind posting the serial number that’s printed on the hub and that other number near the dye.

Rima and Super Media Store are reliable shops. TY prices have dropped considerably so this is no surprise.