Taiyo 4x dvd-r at Meritline $24.99 + Shipping

Meritline.com has $8 off coupon code on their web page. Shipping to Ohio was $8.61 so total price was $33.60 for 100. Have tried the SuperMediaStore disk and they were very good media. Hope these are as good.

They are the same discs but there are better deals. Shop4tech has the same discs for $32 shipped on a regular basis. Not sure if the coupon code is still good but you could get an extra 10% off that price if you enter in the following: xpbargains10 Thereby brining it down to $28.80 shipped. Not saying Meritline has a bad deal, I’m just saying that there are better deals when you factor in shipping costs. Meritline and Supermediastore both pull the same stunt. They drop the price to something rediculously low then jack up the shipping costs so in some cases you are actually paying more. :frowning: www.shop4tech.com

@Jesterrace - Thanks for the tip. Getting ready to place another order. This time I’ll try Shop4tech.