Taiwanese optical disc production reaches near profitless state

I just posted the article Taiwanese optical disc production reaches near profitless state.

 With the majority of PC owners  owning some sort of recordable optical drive as well as the increasing demand  for DVD Recorders, one thing some may think is that the makers of blank optical ...
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What´s the reason? Is it maybe because one manufacturer want to beat the other manuf. with low prices???

Now why can’t more companies be like that? :d

Its because of China and their low (and I mean very very low) quality cheap (and I mean very very cheap) products.
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I don’t think so;)

What about that “organic” (read cow dung based) media I heard about years ago? Also, Why the hell is it still hard to get decent CD/DVD media in 100 spindles for less than $30? shipping and all the other associated costs must be a real bitch if these guys still arent making much money.

Decent media is hard to get? In my opinion, manufacturers could control this… the problem may lies in the producing capacity than. i believe so, if the quality is getting better, than the time to produce & materials will be longer and price will be higher. This affect the pricing for the end-users eventually. But nowadays, there are too much people who prefer the “C-Brands” because the lower price, that’s why this market is getting bigger and at a certain moment it seems like good media is hard to find… Yep… Good price/quality ratio media is hard to get…