Taiwanese manufacturers: DVD-R disc prices likely to rise

I just posted the article Taiwanese manufacturers: DVD-R disc prices likely to rise.

Due to strong demand, short supply and higher plastic material costs, Taiwanese manufacturers predict that contract prices for DVD-R discs quoted to brand vendors may rise in the second quarter of…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/5514-Taiwanese-manufacturers-DVD-R-disc-prices-likely-to-rise.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/5514-Taiwanese-manufacturers-DVD-R-disc-prices-likely-to-rise.html)

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Why not post that headline every week just in certain cases change ‘dvd’ to cd-rs because you’ll do it (cd freaks) anyway . Taiwans always raising prices on optical media :frowning:

What’s your problem? When there’s news, we post it, simple as that. We cannot help it that Taiwan increases their prices often, now can we?

I think jef160 meant that whether you wait for the Taiwanese companies to say it or not, you’ll be posting recurring stories of DVDR price increases on a weekly basis either way. Or in short “Those fuckers are always raising prices. May they rot in hell!” :r I too can’t quite shake the feeling that we’re being screwed on this one. I don’t think the reasons they are giving for the high prices hold water at all. I think it’s pure and simple profiteering.

At the current moment however most of these reports seem to be pretty accurate. In some countries it is very hard to get DVD media, even for large retailers. And small supply makes higher prices…

Is a $1 really to much to pay for a 4x DVD+R that holds 4.7 gigs? If I could just go to Best Buy and grab a 25 pack for $25 :slight_smile:

Just wait until Dr.Evil start a full scale war…then check the prices again (:r)

Even if the price rises, it’s most likely still the lowest price for the media you can get. Maybe like few cents more per disc at max? Blank media are mostly made in China thesedays owned by Taiwanese companies. Feel free to look elsewhere for media that are not made in China/Taiwan. See if you would spend more for Japanese media.

DigiTimes is THE source to quote on this matter. It is also true that it is mainly a news media that promotes hundreds of Taiwan-based IT companies such as Lite-On and Ritek. However, they are very true, fast and extremely well-informed in most cases. Some translations in English happen though. You have to learn to read the Chinese characters if you are not satisfied. I am very sure that the news of some Taiwanese DVD recordable media companies raising quote price since I AM myself constantly contacting them about DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD-RW, DVD+RW, and DVD-RAM quotes. So, if you dislike the fact that those Taiwanese companies almost monopolizing the optical media industry, just why don’t you try something to change it? You can found your own company and start building DVD-R and DVD+R production lines in your own city and country instead of importing from not-so-well-known people and cultures? That’s what Infodisc Korea, SKC, and BeAll in South Korea are doing right now. :slight_smile:

2.4x DVD-R discs??? They don’t even exist!!!

Come on ppl, dont blame Taiwanese company, they want to lower the price of blank cd/dvd as bad as u are, but the “Bush” government want’s to have war with IRAQ inorder to control the oil reserve, and gave up the privilage of us enjoying a low price of oil sub-product. Furthermore, not only Taiwanese’s company raise their price, believe it or not, McDonalds raise their price 2.:frowning: