Taiwan working on the huge amount of piracy

I just posted the article Taiwan working on the huge amount of piracy….

Movie theaters will be closed, massive protest marches by pop signers and movie stars… the latest moves in Taiwan to stop the piracy.

Taiwan vowed on Wednesday to root out rampant compact…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/3595-Taiwan-working-on-the-huge-amount-of-piracy___.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/3595-Taiwan-working-on-the-huge-amount-of-piracy___.html)

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Alot of the CD’s sold there are different versions… It really doesnt benefit anyone in the US or Australia, and probably doesnt for Europe either… It really benefits countries in Asia. And as alot of these countries have people living in what I would call poverty (since they dont exactly make what we make here in the states) the cost of selling a pirated CD is an opportunity to make more money with less work…

Yeah I agree its not like if all the piracy went away in ASIA that they would all suddenly start buying originals :slight_smile: They need the money from those cheap CDRs otherwise they would be into drugs. If a man cant feed his family in china how is he going to afford microsoft office for £500… which is like 10 years wages LOL I know what I would do. Fix the poverty first.

its more like a lifetimes wages for some people pericom

“Fix the poverty first.” I agree. And so do the Taiwanese. But the fact is, they depend on us for their freedom. The only thing stopping the Communist China from invading Taiwan is… well, us. A trade spat with us could very well destroy their nation so they’re playing ball. It’s sad to think even our FOREIGN policy is being influenced by Hollywood. :r

As from Taiwan myself, I must comment that not all circumstances apply, such as the poverty issue. Believe me, Taiwan is not even close of poverty, people buy the pirate cds simply because it’s so damn cheap and easily avaliable. Second, the invasion of communists? not likely, sure China is trying to unite with TW majorly for economocial purposes. What good will they do if China invade TW? they want TW because of the money and economy.

Well, I won’t argue with a Taiwanese about what Taiwan is like. It seems to me though, that the Red Chinese are still pretty hostile. Any nation that refuses to accept your soverignty is inherently hostile. I also doubt that Taiwan’s crack-down on piracy is a domestic motivation. I think it’s more likely American pressure. Unless they are moving to protect domestic music production. Do you know qtip? As for the poverty bit, qtip’s right. Taiwan is far from poor. However, I do think they have enough of their own problems not to go around being Hollywood’s stooge unless there was serious pressure on them.

Nah, Taiwanese isn’t that poor to poverty… They just like to buy things cheap… but valuable… if you know what I meant… :slight_smile:

So, gogo for the punishments… By the way, those youths who are hired to sell CDs are usually gangsters & dropouts… They are polluting Taiwan’s streets, should be punished…

Taiwan, poverty? eh… I am from Taiwan alright :(. And I can tell you that whenever you see an asian driving BMW or Benz, that’s probably a Taiwanese. Anyways, main point, piracy is like a tradition in tw, it was there when I first used computer, which was like ten years ago. So it’s sort not really the problem of money. Besides, USA always puts pressure on other countries, forgetting that itself is one of the largest piracy country. No offense, I still think piracy needs to be stopped, so is the price should be lowered!

I am sorry to the Tawainese about my statement for calling their country poor, it was incorrect… The statement about pirated CD’s costing $1.40 was a bit misleading… Here in NYC, bootled CD’s range from $5-10 depending where you can find them and how many you buy… Therefore for someone to make a living selling CD’s at $1.40 must sell 100 just to make $140 for the day and I really cant see how someone could make that… In any case my apologies…

i’m against piracy. The (illegal) music I downloaded have led to the purchase of more CD’s then before. Also I like to mix my own cd’s. dont you just hate it when a cd has 5 good songs and 5 rubbish. If I cannot do that anymore what’s the point of buying them …

yah, Taiawn is getting rid of piracy because of their intension to join WTO. But as a memeber of WTO, other coutries highly recommend the stop for piracy, so obviously the pressure is not from USA but other WTO memebers…even though the americans are most active.

Taiwanese Rule~ fuck privacy !! fuck WTO !! fuck China !! Taiwanese Rule~

hehe… someone’s getting political here now…

Therefore for someone to make a living selling CD’s at $1.40 must sell 100 just to make $140 for the day and I really cant see how someone could make that… _______________________ hmmmm… they are 5-10$ after importing costs. I dont beleive that they are poor, at the same time i dont believe the majority rake in 40k a year either. LONG LIVE PIRACY!