Taiwan Market: HP unveils two 16x DL LightScribe burners

I just posted the article Taiwan Market: HP unveils two 16x DL LightScribe burners.

This concept of using the laser from your drive to etch an image on special media is sure popular around here. So this article from over at DigiTimes, will probably be of interest. Now,…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/9794-Taiwan-Market-HP-unveils-two-16x-DL-LightScribe-burners.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/9794-Taiwan-Market-HP-unveils-two-16x-DL-LightScribe-burners.html)

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sounds good but do you have to turn you dvds over to burn on the top side or what?


mmmm… let me think a minute… decisions decisions… $1000+ for a DVD burner or use my sharpie to decorate my DVD’s… Such hard choices

Freak friends, the article is completely misleading. The Pavilion W1268tw and W1266tw are, in reality, desktop PCs WITH Lightscribe 16x DVD dual-format DL burners. A drive cannot possibly cost $1000+! The mistake came to my attention due to the fact that here, in the US, HP is selling several PCs with LightScribe burners at prices starting as low as $769 (Pavilion a819n). HP has yet to launch an aftermarket burner supporting the technology. When it does, I believe that it will fall somewhere in between $99 and $129 (internal model).

Already announced and awaiting availability at hpshopping.com @ $129.99 (internal model): HP DVD Writer 640i.

It saws “Coming Soon” plus I think you need to buy “special” media which will probably cost an arm and a leg as well. Looks like a great idea, but we will see how much the media costs

In the US, HP already has their 16X DVD Lightscribe equipped PCs out to PC Magazine and other large magazines. No word or ETA on an aftermarket internal drive yet, but they are checking on this for me.

BB is already selling the media, it’s $20 for a 30 pk. Also 2 or 3 of the CPUs have the light-scribe burner installed