Taiwan makers see CD-RW drive sales start to decline this year

I just posted the article Taiwan makers see CD-RW drive sales start to decline this year.

 Since the  first CD-ROM drives were sold with PCs, sales kept going up until  2004 when the time came that CD-RW recorders became cheap enough to start taking over  and thus causing...
Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/10188-Taiwan-makers-see-CD-RW-drive-sales-start-to-decline-this-year.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/10188-Taiwan-makers-see-CD-RW-drive-sales-start-to-decline-this-year.html)

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“Also when it comes to bulk purchases, CD-R still costs a lot less than DVD±R.” Up here I can get a CD-R for about 10-12 cents per in 100’s. I can get DVD±R for about 16-20 cents per DVD in 100’s (Gotta love OEM). If you take into account the per GB cost, CD’s cost about 15.7¢ / GB and DVD’s cost about 4.1¢ / GB. The relative value of DVD±R’s being far higher than CD’s shows it’s time for everyone to move on. The CD is kaput. :slight_smile:

It funny to recall back when companies first starting putting their “multimedia games” on CD and they felt they could never fill up a disc, aside from putting uncompressed audio files on them. Now, a CDr is just too small… try backuping up your MP3 collection, for many, it would take dozens of discs.

good bye cd you served us well but now its dvd’s turn and soon it will be farewell to that and it will be blu ray’s turn and so on …