Taiwan Datalife vs Datalifeplus

I was just doing Kprobe scans of some discs I’d burned a while back, trying to get samples of each kind of media I had used on both burners (ND-2500A and SOHW-812S) when I noticed something quite odd. I had run a scan of a 4x Datalife disc (manuf in Taiwan, media code MCC01RG20) from a spindle I got at Best Buy some time back when they were $39.99. I later ran a scan of another MCC01RG20 disc manuf in Taiwan, but from a different spindle; it was a thermal hub printable disc and the spindle had the DatalifePlus brand name on it. I figured since the discs have the same media code, and were manufactured at the same plant, and were burned in the same burner (the NEC) at the same speed (8x), the results would be fairly close. Here’s the plain Datalife-branded disc:

Now the Datalifeplus-branded disc:

Just to make sure I’m not going crazy I decided to scan a retail Datalifeplus 4x disc (from the 5 pack boxes), also burned at 8x, and also made in Taiwan. It seems the Datalife Taiwans have problems at the very end that the Datalifeplus discs do not.

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