Taio Yuden, Where to Buy

Can anyone help?
I Want to buy some dvd-r from taio yuden at a good price.
Need to ship internationaly.
European (EU) Store if possible


May I ask in which country do you live ?

Andy :smiley:

I live in Portugal. An European Country would be nice :slight_smile:
But if it isn’t possible, other possibilities are aceptable.

You could contact Primera Europe at

They offer Taiyo Yuden DVD-Rs.
See the price list (at the bottom of the page)

As Primera Europe took part at the Inforpor Lissabon 2003,
there’s a good change you can do business with them.

Andy :smiley:

Sorry, but all other shops I’ve checked don’t ship internationally
and/or don’t have TY DVD-Rs for sale :confused: