Taio Yuden DVD Media

Hi, I am new to DVD burning. After reading that Taio Yuden makes the best DVD media, I went and bought 100 of them. Now I am finding that they are not useable because my DVD burner is region locked. I have read that I need to download some firmware to “unlock it”. unfortunately I cannot find any for my burner (Dynex 16X). Any suggestions? Ayone want to buy some TY media cheap?

did you try here www.rpc1.org

Region locking only affects Video DVDs that you have bought (or rented or borrowed), and will prevent you from playing and copying DVDs that are not from the same region as your DVD drive is currently set to.

With the right firmware and/or tools you may be able to bypass the region locking. Whether that is legal depends on what you’re trying to do, and it definitely depends on the country (and possibly the state) you live in.

Region locking is completely irrelevant when you burn something on your Taiyo Yuden or other media, so getting some other media won’t help you at all, since your inability to use your blank media seems to be result of not being able to play your original Video DVDs.

If your inability to use your DVD burner is not something you have actually experienced, but just something someone has told you or something you read on the net, then maybe you should actually try burning something and see if it works.

You are right in thinking that Taiyo Yuden is some of the best DVD media you can buy.

what does blank media have to do with region lock? or if you mean you bought the wrong format…-r , +r then take them back and exchange them.

I did check this site. Under the firmware “search” I did not find mine liseted. Under dowmloads I found DVD Region+CSS Free But I am not sure it will help in my situation.

I bought the correct DVD media. My Burner does DVD +R and -R besides. I use CloneDVD2 and have no problem writing files to be copied. It is when I load the blank TY media that I get a message telling me something is wrong. Either wrong drivers or region locking etc./ I did go after the updated drivers for my burner.

check out anydvd from slysoft they have a 21 day trial. this should help if you have different region dvds

then go back to the old drivers you had before

You are being told that your burner needs the region selected. The software is telling you this needs to be done prior to burning or you might have problems later. Pick your region and you will stop getting this message, which, by the way, you should just read and then your would realize what it is telling you. This has nothing to do with your media or your firmware.

I am told I can only change regions 4 times and then it locks up on the last setting…

That is right. Do you need more changes?