Has any one made a succesfull copy of starcraft broodwars uk version? Because i’ve got both uk and us version of the game and since glassmastering on both uk version and motoracer 3 were done by MPO france i was wondering if the uk version of broodwars is a first tages attempt to copy protection.

did you scan the disk with clonexxl?? it will tell you what protection it has

StarCraft Broodwar is several years old…how can this have Tagès?

If it has: You can’t make a 1:1 backup.

AFAIK, all versions of starcraft broodwar are totally unprotected save for a cd check. Just use nero’s cd copy function to make a back-up.

As alex says, the game is several years old and it pre-dates affordable (or even now cheap) cd writers. When it was released a cd check was ample protection.

You exagerate: When SC BW was released, SafeDisc 1 and SecuROM were already in use, it was months after I got my first CD writer (HP 7100, 2x/2x/6x, 300ms access time, DM 50,- for one single 2x speed CD-RW…). OK, it was more expensive than dvd writers are today…

But Blizzard hoped that people like it so much that they buy it because it’s worth the money (and several magazines gave scores of about 90%), and it really was.

Simple CD Check was modern with Anno 1602: Its size was 687 MB, and in those times, a 700 MB CD-R crap disc was about DM 10,- (TDK 650 MB: about DM 4,-), manufacturer PostTech or Auvistar. Totally unreadable today :a:a (while some were LeadData, and these are still OK and only have a few c2 errors when reading them at high speed)

Clonexxl does not detect protection on the game!
I know the game is old but the weird thing is that i have both american version and uk version. U.S. version copy works fine uk version copy does not work the difference from both cd is that us version has other files for AOL connection but i can’t understand why i cannot do a working copy of uk version.

Does your UK original work? How scratched is it?

It’s working perfectly and has no scratches on it. Us version is 608mb and has one folder more than uk which is 683mb!

if you try to use a 650MB cd-r and you try to overburn, you will probably get a cd without a working lead out.
If you try to burn on a 700MB cd-r this is a really weird problem, because it should be impossible to not work.

It is true that the us version can be copied on 650MB and the UK version can only be copied on 700MB or more.