Does anyone know any real details about this copy protection ?
Who owns it ?
Who was the engineer/whatever who designed it ?
What country is it from ?

The reason i ask is that i met somoene the othernight, he claimed to of invented a new copy protection that will eliminate CloneCD. along with his claim was that sony just brought it and gave him a great deal of money for.

i was wondering if this was the same protection.

Another interesting fact was spoken about. this being a backdoor hidden in the protection, for what reason is inknown (seems kinda pointless), this could very well be the drunk ramblings of a safedisk/macrovision employee.


TAGES is originally developed in Averton France by MPO International (optical disc manufacturing) and Thomson-CSF (software security and encryption techniques).

note: MPO International is member of the MPO Group and Thomson-CSF is now member of Thales Group.

The Tages protection is a combination of hardware and software protection.

They say that CD’s produced by MPO International can’t be copied because of hardware limitations of the current CD-RW drives.

Tages protected CD’s also contain hidden data on sectors unknown for the TOC. It seems they also write data after the zeroed Lead-Out sectors.

If you like to learn more about Tages, I would suggest to start hunting for the TAGESâ„¢ patent(s).