Tages tm and motoracer 3

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Tages cant be copied

Let’s not jump to any conclusions…

Tages will be copied, It just may take a while.

Hello, has someone been able to make a perfect copy of motoracer 3(protected by thomson’s tagès tm…), with clonecd or another burning software ?Is it possible ?

Tages cant be copied

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[B]Let’s not jump to any conclusions…

Tages will be copied, It just may take a while. [/B]
Let’s hope so :slight_smile: I think the new SafeDisc version 2.51.xxx (vs. Plextor) issue will also be solved soon enough.

I read somewhere that the fairlight did crack the copy.
But it’s not a 100% PERFECT COPY.
Hopefully someone solve it

A Daemon’s Forum member has coded an emulator for Tages…a defeat for this prot is not far away.


Has he reported how it works?

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Has he reported how it works? [/B]
You can read the post on the DAEMON Tools forum here. If it works well the new DT version might even support TAGèS but let’s not jump to conclusions… :slight_smile:

Hmm… I’m not so sure,

The guy says that the sector’s changed. As we know, TAGES is partly hardware based.

I read somewhere that some CD’s used a different Pit Geometry so that when you read it from different angles / in different ways / a certain number of times, you sometimes get a pit, sometimes a land (Ie. 0s sometimes, 1s others)

Maybe Tages uses this system.

Alternatively, perhaps they create the CD so that when you read one of the “special” sectors, it actually changes (Maybe it is affected by the read laser) So when you read it first the sector is one thing, when you read it again it has changed.

This would generate a number of complex passwords that could be used by Tages’ tough encryption system.

They said that the “secure” area can be read but not written - If the above protection was used, this would be the case.

I think that DAEMON tools might eventually be able to run Tages games, because it could emulate this sector changing. But I think that CloneCD will not be able to concede here.

Oliver Kastil once said that what can be read can be written, I think this should be rephrased:

“If something can be read, it can also be written, on condition that the source and destination media are the same (In behaviour at least)”

Check out my post at:


It discusses some irregular bit geometry, and a (possible) solution for tages.

PS: I did read the DT post, but Future seems to be in a lot more forums than me, and hence would hear more.