TAGES on DVD defeated!

Seems they’ve made an Emu called TetrisEmu that emulates the TAGES twinsectors…
Echo:Secrets Of The Lost Cavern is using that Emulation Process too…
But the tool seems only included in illegal games copy shared on the web :frowning:

Would have to get hand on this handy tool to play my legal copy without cd…

Maybe spath can help you defeat Tages.

I have to say that i own a legal copy of Fahrenheit, protected with TAGES 5.2.xx so i’ve made my own image with alcohol, then installed TetrisEmu, rebooted my cpu, mounted the provided *.tdf file, and it works so great :slight_smile:
Now I can play without my DVD.
Now I want to know wot kind of file is that *.tdf ? Some kind of a converted bwa file ? Who knows…
The fact is that worx, and each illegal releases as Echo and Fahrenheit have their own *.tdf file… Hope to see a tdf builder soon, as it will let us saving our own tages dvd.

  1. Imho. It’s poosible to create correct image of tagges dvd disc. But impossible to write it on DVD. Because there is no raw write mode.
  2. Maybe DT4 team create RMPS like disc emulation for tagges. It’s possible, but who know?

I’m also very interested in how this .tdf file is created. What software is used to create it?
And would there ever be a possibility to ‘inject’ these twin sectors into the Alcohol image I made?

From where you got this TetrisEmu and the *.tdf file??

I’ve read that tdf files really contain the data of the dupes, so i think downloading them violates most countries’ laws.

would you be so king of send me TAGES on DVD defeated !!! please i really need it i am form peru 10 x sori for my english i am studying more

I believe it contains the Twin sector info.
I can’t see this as more/less legal than allowing .bwa files for download.

bwa/mds files don’t contain original data, tdf-files do.
Therefore same rules as for mini-images should be applied to tdf-files.

I have a little problem using that method. Trying “twinrange” on my drive gives me a “DeviceOControl with SCSI_PASS_THROUGH_DIRECT command failed” error. :Z

What program creates this *.tdf?
I have Alcohol120% v1.95 Build 2802, but that only creates *.mds!

Can anyone help me, please :bow:

Terramex well, we don’t know yet, so let the mods have a look at them themselves and then decide.
Maybe they only contain sector numbers and not data… But if they really contain original data, they shouldn’t be posted here but instructions how to create a working tdf from your legal owned copy instead.

Btw, original starforce mini-images contained no original data, actually volume name was the only original data they contained.

good question, tough one

I am not expert on law but in my opinion i see this in a few ways

If the data in the *.tdf does include the same original data missing as in the original, then we are supplementing it into where it is missing, however, we never modified the original, merely threw it back in, so should be OK according to my logic. It exactly what emulation is.

Also, this can differ from country to country.
Further, anyone here read the EULA, what does it say?
Since I don’t own these title I am speculating on facts given up till this point. But sounds like emulation to me so far.

Even if it contains data that can not be read by normal means(actually doesn’t matter much how you read it from legal point of view) but still original(e.g. tages twin sectors require special technique to detect and read them) it’ll still be illegal to post it, you probably haven’t seen precedents like this here and on other sites like this, so believe me, Terramex was speaking deal on this one if it’s found to be like that.

It doesn’t matter if you’re distributing whole or parts of original data(1 sector lets say), whether modified or untouched.

Only means of making a legal backup from your owned software can be explained in such case, since for your own purposes you may read that data, using conventional or special techniques, doesn’t matter, and use it to run a backup… So it’s legal to create and use .tdf file for your own purposes, and to explain to others how to do it, but not distribute readily-made tdf files for others to download in case it contains original data.

It’s my understanding that the contents of each “twin” sector are the exact same as the sector it’s a dupe of.
If this is the case then couldn’t the .tdf just contain a “map” of the sectors to dupe without containing the data itself?
So basically if sector 11276 was a twin the .tdf could just reference it and insert a copy of it.

I could obviously be waaay out here :wink:

I’m not sure twin sector must be a dupe regarding data. As i mentioned, if it’s just sector numbers to dupe - it’ll be fine.
But as far as i remember tages twinsectors contain different data, that’s what whole protection is based about, depending from which side you read, you get different data. And you plainly can’t read that other data contained in twinsectors by usual means, only first of twin data. Twinsector means it has the same number, not necessarily data.

It’s pointless speculating.

Does anyone here know exactly what is in a tdf file?

If so, please PM me with the info so that I can make a ruling on the point.

I would agree, if there was a public tool like for creating mini-images; but people have to download tdf-files.

So you think my PM some time ago was pure speculation ? :frowning:

No, sorry if I gave that impression. :o

It was very helpful but you weren’t quite sure about it either so I’m a bit reluctant to commit on the issue without further info/confirmation.