TAGES Explained and Defeated

For those of you who haven’t yet read spath’s article yet, spath has now investigated and explained in his article how the latest version of Tages works and how a working back-up copy of a Tages protected cd can be made. :bow: :smiley: :bow:

He has also been kind enough to provide a link to the tools (for expert users only) he programmed and used to make a working back-up copy. :slight_smile:

Thanks spath. :bow:

[Technical questions about Tages should be posted in this thread. Questions, reactions and comments of a non-technical nature may be posted here.]

[Update: Additional tools programmed by Jackass and consisting of a twinsector scanner and a gui so that you no longer need to be an expert user to try spath’s method have now been added to and included in the tools package.]


Spath Congrats, you are the man for sure!!!

Did you download the ttools and read the Readme there as well, it would appear as if though according to the syntax:
F:\TAGES> twindump e: 281165 50 range1
–it appears to specify what value of sectors to scan, in this case 50. Unless I am to understand that 50 is the only value it will allow, or some other restricted range, as I have no Tages games to experiemnt on using these tools.

Although I too am left with some insignificant Questions, even after all that reading.


i already post his at newbies, but did not get any reply therefore i try it here.

together with my son we tried to make a copy from the game XIII he bought yesterdag. We read the article “another tages blunder” and we downloaded the ttools.


  1. An hex search in xiii_cd2.img and in the 4 files tells
    us that the files we are interested in…

is there an article where we can find how to do that, or can someone explain it to us. Or can we (always) use the 2 files spath uses.

  1. We followed all the instructions but when we run imganalyzer the final.img shows this : IMG:
    000000 -> 281214
    281165 -> 281248
    281299 -> 281421
    281372 -> 311857
    the SUB shows a whole lot more lines not the 4 spath has. What did we do wrong?.

worked for me with Beyond Good And Evil, but only on a 90min CD-R in my ASUS 523252, why does 90min work and not 74min/80min what is the difference if the image will fit onto a 80min without any problems?

I have tried it very often but my backup of XIII does not work.

IS there anyone who could burn a working 1:1 copy of XIII Cd2.

With my backup the game starts but then the mouse gets slower and the Tagés kicks me out of the game.

what drive are you using? only one of my 5 drives (ASUS 523252) can make and play a working tegas copy :slight_smile:

ben :slight_smile: