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Posted: 04 April 2002,02:54

I have also analyzed TAGES protection in Motoracer3. It WILL be possible to copy this protection relatively easy on any RAW capable writer. I have successfully made 1:1 copy for test purposes. No further details until work is completely finished.

:cool: :cool: :cool:

It is relatively easy to copy a cd protected with tages, unfortunately getting it to run is a different thing.
Original Motoracer 3, v1 cd will copy but will only play in demo mode.
The v1.1 cd, released in Aus and god knows where else will not even run.
If it was all that easy to create working copies then one would have expected that a crack would be available for the update (1.1) of this game, there isn’t and the crackers remain stubbornly quiet about it.

Great news. VeNoM386 knows his stuff :smiley:
New DT version soon ? :wink:

Changed his mind then, eh?

Hopefully Olli knows how to do this too.

Originally posted by Black Diamond
It is relatively easy to copy a cd protected with tages
No it’s not! If it was, then the 1:1 copy would run! I think I have a 1:1 image which I’d have to compare with VeNoM386 but he’s not gonna do that :wink: