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I completly read the article without skipping any words…

Everyone knew the tages reading wasn’t the problem. I already had dumped duplicates sectors myself using the truman xperimental tools long time ago…

What i cant still understand, it’s why spath using that particular “twin sectors” insertions pattern will all theses cryptic ratio and only 50-100 dup sectors.

(I understand he had no choice to reduce the dup sector count numbers because of laser travel distance restrictions between normal sector and duplicate sector)

But why using this particular duplicate sector format disposal ?

(This might work for now, but if tages SA decide to update their drivers or sequence auth over a next game update, this could probably wont work anymore with only a 50 sectors subset!!)

This is the pattern “spath” using to write :

Sector A = Normal Sector
Sector B = Duplicate Sector number of A

And where Sector Bi is a duplicate of sector Ai but might containt 
different data.

----SECTOR A-----    ----SECTOR B-----
[A1A2A3A4...A50] - [B1B2B4B4...B50]

There's an important travel lenght between A1-B1, and that's why spath need to keep distance as short as possible by removing some "optionals" duplicates sectors.


My question is why writing only a subset of duplicates sectors when we could write all of them to make it more robust?

Why can't we use that pattern instead to write :

Where Sector Ai is a duplicate of sector Bi.


All Sectors are very nearby of it’s normal equivalent… So there’s no lenght problems…

We have 50% of chance of hitting the normal or duplicate one
over a direct seek…

Any idea ? Red/Orange book Issues ?


Seeks almost never land on the precise target sector, but always a few dozen
sectors before. When this happens, the drive doesn’t bother seeking forward,
but just waits until the target sector comes in. The problem with your layout
is that if a seek lands anywhere before this target sector, the drive will also
wait and read sectors, but then it will each time see 2 consecutive sectors
with the same address. Some drives (eg some Plextor drives) are known to choke
on that, so the 50 range has been chosen to get a better compatibility with drives.
As xtacydima said 50 is just a parameter of the twindump command line, and I
chose it after a few experiments ; it might be that 60 or 40 works better on
your drive.

By the way, I would prefer this kind of technical
questions to be asked in http://forum.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?&threadid=51912

Is it allowed that when people work out which sectors to inject/delete that they post the file for each CD/Game in the same way we share BWA files?

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Originally posted by dr–evil
Is it allowed that when people work out which sectors to inject/delete that they post the file for each CD/Game in the same way we share BWA files?

Rather than share this information, which would allow the software companies to patch their programs, I would prefer to post a canned utility that would do the job.

That would at least keep them guessing longer.

Sounds like a plan :iagree:

I changed my mind.

I posted a working layout for BGE CD3 (and a utility) in the other tages thread.

It’s not universal, but it should work for a few people.

dr evil, I do like your tag line!

I really see no reason why twin range files wont have the same legal status in terms of sharing as .bwa .mds files. its inevitable sites will have them, It only may be questionable as they do contain sectors of data that relate to the protection, where as dpm files have medias stucture information only.

Just maybe D-Tools will use these for non emulated mounting aswell

@ Dr evils Sig nice :slight_smile: but its not down to uncopyable, never has been, its down to is the protection selling enuff to work out a cloning method and make it public, and all it took for starforce was some games to use it, and tages well 2 ubisoft titles inspired some freaks around the world, :wink:
Theres no doubt that Tages programmers have watched the site and while they groan they will surely be looking into the tools and how to defeat them.
This now just leaves Imrovements on Starforce, and Securom DVD to be more than 1 or 2 success stories and D-Tools to use DVD dpm. Will we ever be able to twinpeak Securom DVD is another good question.
And I hope Spath and Jackass are being approached by either or all of, Alcohol, Blindwrite, and Slysoft

Thanks for the Sig compliment.:bow:

I was getting worried I was gonna have to change it…

All we have to do is crack(oops. wrong word here:p ) Starforce 3

:iagree: :iagree: :iagree: :iagree: