TAGES:a new pain in the A**!



hey guyz forget starforce 3 and do something about this new B***h.

the developers of Tages claiming it is uncrackable or physically impossible to make 1:1 copy.

if it is real then every game company will run for it from now.

this protection system is found in a new game-Desperados 2:coopers revenge.

is there any way to get rid of it???

guyz plz post ur reply.


Tages has been around for more than 5 years now, and are ways to circumvent it (older versions (ie. moto racer 3, XIII, BGE) have been cracked and can be copied with spath tools, newer versions (ie Fahrenheit) can be emulated with a tool called tetris)


Tetris? Oh no, where can I get that? :wink:

EDIT: Their page says:
"The proof of TAGESâ„¢’s effectiveness is undeniable as illustrated on various web sites. All major competitors have been hacked and the hackers have made generic cracks available for free. Anyone can break into these systems and produce illegal copies. With TAGESâ„¢ there will never be a generic crack, and there will never be one-to-one copies. It is physically impossible.

Testimonials can be found at [B]www.cdfreaks.com[/B], www.fileforums.com, www.brennmeister.com, forum.gravure-news.com, burn-palast.copybase.ch/forum/, etc."



That it could be impossible to make 1:1 copies I find hard to believe, but it may be true. Perhaps standard burners lack the capacity to do so.
Still, what’s stopping people from cracking the executables the good old fashioned way?


Concerning making copies of a tages CD check this excellent article :

Concerning tetrisemu, it deosn’t seem very legal so i won’t provide any link to it here, however you’ll find it on all major p2p networks…


how do i make .tdf file for tetris to play, i have deserpados 2 , but cant play it :S


Try using your original cd/dvd. :wink:


You can’t. And even if you create a proper TDF file, it won’t work. Tages 5.5 blacklists Tetris Emu.

The only hope is a new updated version of Tetris Emu, but nobody knows if and when it will see the light.



where i can find tetrisemu?