Tagès XIII Diffrent sectors

Hi guys,

First of let me say:
Im unhappy for all of you who were unable to make a working copy of any Tagès protected cd('s).

Now as for my problem, i tryed to use the ttools But yet again aslo i was unable to make the right images of XIII
But my problem is diffrent, the numbers of sectors shown in the readme are diffrent then those of my cd’s ergo am i unable to use the readme succesfully.

I managed to find out my first range of twin sectors and with some calculating even the second range.
So i was able to use “twinsert”
But, when i came to the “imgcut” i couldnt proceed due to my numbers being diffrent thus my question is, what now ?

For any good help, thanks in advance.

Sorry for posting a second post but i dont see the edit capability anywhere.

I forgot to add that i wont be able to calcula the second range on CD3 & CD4 aswell because thos cds have a diffrent ammount of sectors between the first range and the second (at least i think)