hello, i cant seem to get this game to work, i used easy cd creator 4.01 because im not that familliar with Nero yet but im working on it… anyway it gives me a no cd error when i try to play the coppyed disk. do i need a no cd crack for it or a modified .exe to get the copy to work? if anyone has some info on this that would be hella-cool


Hiya RJ!

This happens a lot with SafeDisk protected games (although I don’t know if that is what is used to protect Tachyon). It is quite likely that the copy wasn’t 100% exact and that’s why it’s throwing the error.

You’ll probably be able to get a patched .exe from GameCopyWorld or at least a No-CD patch.

Failing that, use the CDFreaks copy protection detector (or another) and check the copy protection for the game. Then, if it’s SafeDisk or similar, use one of the generic process patchers available (again from GameCopyWorld).

I hope this helps.


Unfortunately, GCW has no crack for this game. I’m also looking for this crack, someone told me he would send it to me, if he does, i’ll mail you, right ?

Erm…it is available as GCW!

On the main page, locate the search box [on the right hand side] and type TACHYON and hit return.

The top link that is returned is for Tachyon patched .exe files.

If that’s too hard ( ) then just click here to go straight there!

Hope this helps!


Thanks Hellhound,
i found it there also, im gonna try it out and see if it works.


Sorry, i looked in the news for a long time, but they didn’t post it (neither in the game index), so i thought it wasnt’t there.