Tachyon copyin help

Anyone know how to get Tachyon: The Fringe to copy? I have a SCSI Pioneer 32x CD-Reader and a Genaric 50x Reader along with a Plextor 8x20 SCSI CD-R. And in my other System i have a SCSI Sony 12x and a SCSI HP 6020i neither of these two systems can copy Tachyon.

I keep getting read error about 3% in to the burn/read process. I have tried CDRWin 3.7A, FileBurner 1.06 and EZ CD 4 Deluxe. I really do not want to try Nero for the fact it needs to be installed before EZ CD4 and i have had a lot of problems with Nero in the past.

It would be really nice if someone could help me get a grasp on why this game wont copy in two different systems.


MMM…I’m not a expert with copying .The thing I do is…dump a ISO with blindread and burn with cdrwin/fireburner.
That should work…i hope