Tablets running Windows Phone now allowed by Microsoft

We’ve just posted the following news: Tablets running Windows Phone now allowed by Microsoft[newsimage][/newsimage]

Documents from Microsoft reveal the company now allows manufacturers to make tablets running Windows Phone.

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So they wanna broaden their marketshare that way now they see that windows phone is a fail…:bigsmile::bigsmile:

On the same page Microsoft states it from now on allows screen sizes of 6.01″ to 7″ with a fixed resolution of 1280×768 pixels.

It seems to me it shouldn’t matter what size or resolution the phones/tablets have. IMHO, that should be non of Microsoft’s business, even if the devices run Microsoft software.

Of course, I would recommend anyone who values privacy stay away from mobile devices running ANY Microsoft software, even small seemingly-harmless games. Companies like MS seem to hate your privacy.