Tablet sales expected to overtake netbooks by 2012



Tablet sales expected to overtake netbooks by 2012.

[newsimage][/newsimage]The short-lived market growth by netbooks is expected to shift towards the lighter, more battery efficient tablet devices, according to Morgan Stanley's analyst Katy Huberty.

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I don’t understand why anyone would buy a tablet over a netbook or ultralight. They cost more, they have less power so are less funtional, they have massively less internal storage, they have no built in protection for that fragile and expensive display, they don’t have a real keyboard, and I don’t think you can use a mouse on any of them. Oh, wait, they weigh a few ounces less and, I guess they look cool. Never mind!


I’d take a non Apple tablet over a netbook any day if the touch screen was good and had a 9 inch screen


Aggressive pricing one pathway to that goal… if they end up in the $100-$350 price range netbooks can end up taking a back seat in terms of volume. The important part of this is the ability to use the wireless aspect (802.11N) as a CLOUD device whereby the interface is linked to an ULTRA HIGH SPEED connection. Last mile ISPs can have an important role in making the device the killer remote control & media control / viewing / app device for the “connected” and home media server home. Think of this as an evolution of the couch potato. One that demands more interactivity, and has a slightly higher education level than past generations (and still wants to use those brain cells). For that, there’s a dollar to be made…
laptops don’t give consumers access to that well.