Tablet battle brewing between Kindle Fire & iPad 3



Tablet battle brewing between Kindle Fire & iPad 3.

[newsimage][/newsimage]Apple's iPad smashed sales records this past holiday season. Amazon's Kindle Fire, however, still managed an impressive debut. According to IHS iSuppli estimates, the online retail giant shipped nearly four million units of the device in less than two months. A drop in the bucket compared to the 15.4 million iPads Apple sold last quarter, but enough for a 14 percent market share. With the iPad 3 right around the corner, the Kindle Fire is in a unique position - one that could help or hinder it against Apple's juggernaut.

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Can we really call it a battle? (sic!)


This article is bum-fluff.

The kindle is a cheap low end android ebook reader, the ipad is an expensive high end iOs device.

We might as well compare a 3 cylinder 1.0 litre granny car with a 16 cylinder 8.0 litre ferrari.

Both cases are remarkably similar. People want a cheap tab/car for general use vs people need an e-penis/penis augmentation and probably still don’t know how to use it :stuck_out_tongue:


ROTFLMAO Deb. That’s Hungarian style humor. Blood binds :slight_smile: