Table of Contents readability

I’m dealing with a picky Bose CD player (it’s not mine) where graph tests are nothing more than confusing for me, on why a random selection of Prodiscs burnt with a TDK drive are not accepted by this particular player.

If I burn the same audio CD project on the same type of blank CD-Rs with a PlexWriter Premium at any speed or any laser strength, no matter what I do with a PlexWriter Premium, the CD player will accept these discs even when the graph tests on some of the Premium burnings look worse than the particular TDK burnings that got rejected by the CD player.

Okay, so there’s a lot of graph-testing utilized throughout CD Freaks for beta, jitter, and C1, but what I want to know is, how can you test the readability of the Table of Contents? I’m assuming it’s never included in the graphs, or at least not in the software I’ve already tried.

Does anybody know of any software that can scale or measure a Table of Contents’ readability?

@ Glathannus,

Perhaps the ‘Xtoker’ TOC Editor might be of some value to you ->

Another tool that might be useful is Xduplicator ->

And another useful tool to make installing the Cdrdao program in the Windows environment a little bit easer is ->

Also have you tried the more reliable Taiyo Yuden and/or Verbatim Media which is less problematic Media than the ‘Prodiscs’ Media you are attempting to use.

Hope the above is helpful.