T3CH XBMC 2 FEB 2007 - SVN rev7767


Partial Xbox Media Center CHANGELOG (revision 7767 to 7731)

Date        Rev   Message

2007-02-01  7767  fixed: CUtil::GetParentPath would fail on upnp://uuid/, CURL
                  considers uuid the hostname changed: removed some upnp specific hacks in FileManager.
                  fixed: copying from upnp share to smb would fail if target contained non fatx
                  supported chars.
2007-02-01  7766  fixed: stack times where not saved properly ( files were reprobed
                  for length on each startup )
2007-02-01  7765  changed: CONTROL_ENABLE/CONTROL_SELECT... can now be used without
                  surrounding braces in cases such as if(enabled) CONTROL_ENABLE(id); else
2007-02-01  7764  added: osd option to switch audio output mode between analog and
2007-02-01  7763  changed: avoid logging extra network info on startup before network
                  has been initialized.
2007-02-01  7762  fixed: Videofullscreen.xml with windowclose anim would cause lockup
                  on stop.
2007-01-30  7760  added: XBMC_PC < Toggle full screen with F11 changed: xbmc_pc
2007-01-30  7759  fixed: Conditional anims were only performed once if they weren't
2007-01-29  7758  added: Conditional animation type to run an animation based on a
                  changing conditional.
2007-01-29  7757  Changed : Unprotected PM3 skin xpr file so the skin editor can open
                  it properly
2007-01-28  7755  changed: Textbox cannot be navigated to if a separate 
                  is specified.
2007-01-28  7754  changed: Cleaned up album info code and allowed fadelabel(s) to be
                  normal labels.
2007-01-27  7753  fixed : XBMC_PC no longer locks up when virtual drive Q:\ is not
                  mounted in windows filesystem
2007-01-26  7752  no need to stop client/server in before ReleaseInstance since it's
                  doing it inside (cleaner thread)
2007-01-26  7751  updated: German language file by sCAPe (based on english strings
                  version 7738)
2007-01-26  7750  updated: Polish langinfo by NaPeK
2007-01-26  7749  Added : QWERTY Keyboard to PM3 skin settings defaults to normal
                  (old) keyboard
2007-01-26  7748  changed: no need to send a multicast search and use an extra socket
                  for nothing
2007-01-26  7747  added: Q:/ to FileZilla Server.xml
2007-01-26  7746  fixed: Cleaned up some code in the movie info window, and allowed
                  all current fadelabels to be normal label controls.
2007-01-26  7745  changed: movie table layout in the db for much faster lookups.
                  fixed: blank genre/director/writing credits entry on import.
2007-01-25  7744  fixed: couldn't go navigate back up while browsing upnp server in
                  File manager
2007-01-25  7743  fixed: image in set content dialog didn't reset if you set no
2007-01-25  7742  fixed: extra trailing slash added to upnp id fixed: Copy files from
                  UPnP Server now works
2007-01-25  7741  changed: removed old actor string format. scrapers must use the new
                  foobar format
2007-01-25  7739  changed: updated: Swedish language file by blittan (based on
                  english 7738)
2007-01-25  7738  fixed: bad behaviour if you looked up movie information on a folder
                  without any movie files in it.
2007-01-25  7737  added: jaded video (porn) scraper. thanks to donj!
2007-01-25  7736  added: start of chaining to the scraper parser. add 
                  function="nameofhandler">theurl to the details xml. handy if some details isnt
                  available from the info returned from a search.
2007-01-25  7735  changed: moved the imdb scraper to the new actor format.
2007-01-25  7734  updated: German language file (based on english strings version
2007-01-25  7733  updated: Swedish language file by blittan (based on english 7723)
2007-01-25  7732  fixed: gapless playback with paplayer.