T03 problems on S203b

I just recently bought an S203b through all the good reviews floating around. However, I’m getting more errors than I expected. Is anyone having similar issues? I’ve also tried burning on some AM3, but that’s even worse. I can’t read it using my 1640 when burned at anything above 12x, and even then, the data seems to be garbled and somewhat unreadable.

The samsung has been flashed to the latest firmware. Here is one of the scans…

Welcome to the club (disappointed 203B oweners !!!) :bigsmile:

But , before assuming 203B was bad with T03 media , can you show us some comparisons with other burns of the same media burnt with your 1640 ?

No problem for me with S203b and T03.Everyrhing reads fine everywhere i try it…Does your 1640 gives you reading problems only with this combination of burner-media?