T02 failing on 3520 and 3540

Below attached is a scan of my 3520 scanning a disc burnt by itself at 12x. Burned at 8x, the results are even worse… This is from 2 new cakeboxes of T02 +R’s from rima.com.

My new 3540 will burn this media better at 12x but has PIF spikes :frowning:

I don’t understand how I should be burning these because at stock speed (8x) they look worse than even 12x… Tips, please?

These discs were on the UPS truck for close to 8hrs before they were delivered to me and were quite warm… But this disc was burned about an hour ago (ignore date on cdspeed). Can this effect anything?

My 3540 burns are usually OK but disc to disc they change, some coasters some ok… you can see a successful burn here -> http://club.cdfreaks.com/showpost.php?p=1045992&postcount=621

I thought TY’s were pretty reliable… ? I bought 100 of them… sigh
I really doubt both of my drives are bad :sad:


Hehe. That’s another common myth that I see all too often in these forums–that there exists an ultimate best disc type named Taiyo Yuden. Just like other media, TY media has its good batches and its bad batches. Just like other media, TY media has its A-grade and its B-grade. And just like other media, how TY media burns depends on the quality of the batch that you have and how much your particular drive (because, like T02 discs, not all drives of the same model are made equal) and your particular firmware likes it. Just because it’s Taiyo Yuden doesn’t make the media divine and exempt from things like variability.

Look, a CMC MAG E01 disc can outperform a YUDEN000 T02 disc given the right circumstances (and actually, I have a batch of such discs that’s doing just that right now).

Just like not all Ritek media is bad, not all TY media is golden. Ritek media just tend to be worse and TY media tend to be better. But that’s all that you can say. If you ever see anyone saying with absoluteness that TY is good and Ritek/CMC are bad, then they don’t really know what they’re talking about.

If I’m not mistaken, unlabeled T02 media, which is what rima.com sells, usually tend to be their “B” batches. That may well be the cause of your problem. Does your drive burn other media fine? If so, then your TY discs are bad.

Well, rima.com has said that they aren’t selling the “Value” line of TYs, so I assume I got the real deal… On another note, I’ve burned a couple disks in the morning just now at 12x on my 3540 and they have scanned great :slight_smile:

I really wonder if the heat effected them at all… Or maybe I just had some coasters at the top? Who knows… But if the coasters start coming up again, rima.com will be on the phone with me :stuck_out_tongue: