T02 comparison on Plextors

First off, I must state that this is the result of extreme boredom. With that out the way, I decided to do a small comparison of Sony-branded YUDEN000T02 (TG001162) on three different generations of Plextor drives (712UF, 716UF, 760SA). Each drive was running its respective latest firmware and the burns were done using Nero CD-DVD Speed PlexTools Sum8 scans were performed using my PX-760A at Good Accuracy.

First up are the venerable 712UF’s results.

Next is the 716UF (TLA #0203 for those who care).

Lastly is my 760SA, TLA #0103. The burn was done with AutoStrategy set to Auto.

So after wasting three discs and spending at least a couple of hours, what did I learn?

[B]1.[/B] It doesn’t matter which generation of Plextor you use when it comes to T02 discs.
[B]2.[/B] I need to get hitched :sad:

What does this mean? Like married? :confused:


My wife is not a geek like me but they are out there. She’s a keeper. Good luck on your quest.

Could you kindly point out the right direction? :bigsmile:

Same here :bigsmile:
30 disc wasting…I got nothing :sad:
P.S Your YUDEN000T02 (TG001162) is 25pack or 50pack ???
Think I it is 25pack

Just be wise my friend :slight_smile:

In the USA when in doubt make your new woman to be get a hand gun license :iagree: :bigsmile: If they can get one keep her and if not ditch her :rolleyes:

They’re what’s left of a 50-pack, though I have plenty more now since the Sonys were on sale at Sears last month.


thia@9 did all the work beforehand, but I wanted to try it myself.

Thanks for info
I got from BestBuy / Sears / K Mart / Staples mostly last year ( 70% )

Are they available in the States? I would like to try, too.

Kind of off topic:

Two Degrees did you notice i have Plextor listed in my sig :smiley:

:clap: You got Premium 2 how was it ?
mine is not coming yet :confused:

Both will be here tomorrow :smiley:

Thanks and please let me know when can you have it ( Bad packaging ? )
Mine also coming tomorrow two Premium 2

A Premium AND a Premium2? Where’d you order them from? I’ve seen some on ebay and some obscure web shops.

Got em’ from links in this thread. Very expensive though.