T.Y. Media

from the scans you guys have posted, it seems that Taio Yuden’s disks are generally good quality, and work particularly well with the 1620.

rather than buy (10) 5-packs from different brands and experiment, like i did years ago with CD-R media, i want to do this DVD thing right the first time.

i’m planning to order TY 8x DVD+R disks from newegg, it was around 41 dollars for 50 disks. i’ve seen mixed opinions on whether minus-r is more compatible with home players, however it seemed that plus-r was a fairly safe way to go.

i want disks that i can pull out months if not years after i burn them and know with at least fair certainty that they’ll have a better chance of staying good, as opposed to some of the more budget brands available.

so am i on the right track here? thanks guys.

Not sure where you live, but in California… Best Buy and CompUSA tend to have sales on either FUJI and/or SONY media for $19.99 per 50 pack (NO rebates). I use that opportunity to stock up on 8x (Made in Japan) Fuji’s (real TYG02, DVD-R) and 8x (SONY08D1, DVD-R). I’m not sure what the 8x Fuji DVD+R’s are…

The Fuji TaiyoYudens are on sale at Bestbuy. I think 50 pack for $20.

The ones online are labeled 2.4x, but if you go to the store you will find the 8x Made in Japan batch which are TaiyoYuden.

Online Bestbuy: http://www.bestbuy.com/site/olspage.jsp?id=1051384654956&skuId=5222056&productCategoryId=cat01163&type=product

I bought the 100pack for $40 a couple of weeks ago and they advertised it as 2.4x but when I went instore they were 8x and found the +R Made in Japan spindle.

Good luck!

Just go to Best Buy and buy the 50-pack 8X Fuji DVD+R (Made in Japan) TY disks for $19.99.

Click here :- http://www.bestbuy.com/site/olspage.jsp?id=1051384654956&skuId=5222056&productCategoryId=cat01163&type=product

The Fuji 8x DVD+Rs that I purchased from Best Buy were MID YUDEN000 T02 and gave great quality burns for me at 12x speed with B7P9 firmware.

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zevia has recently posted some wonderful scans burning TYG02 (Taiyo Yuden, 8x) DVD-Rs at 16x speed using B7T9 firmware. They look awesome: http://club.cdfreaks.com/showpost.php?p=828954&postcount=105

wow, thanks for the replies. newegg is typically on par with the best prices around with the other online retailers, but i’m absolutely humbled by the prospect that best buy could be offering basically anything for half the price as listed on newegg.

i’m not questioning your opinions, i value them very much. i’m just questioning best buy being able to sell something for such a wide margin below what newegg is offering the same item (other than black friday).

this leads me to think i’m missing something here, are the TY disks sold as ‘fuji-film’, but show up as the same media code as the actual TY media (normally costing much more)? or does this have anything to do with the ‘fake’ TY media in circulation?

if i can get the same thing cheaper, i’m 100% there. however i don’t have a problem paying a premium to get the job done right the first time.

From my experience with Best Buy, the Fuji 8x DVD+R and DVD-R discs that say made in Japan on the label (not made in Taiwan) are in fact good quality Taiyo Yuden media; not fakes. The Fuji 8x DVD+R MID code is YUDEN000 T02, while the Fuji 8x DVD-R MID code is TYG02. But, make sure they say made in Japan because many have posted that they’re better quality than the ones that say made in Taiwan. I personally have had great results with the above from Best Buy in my two DW1620s using B7P9 firmware and burning at 12x speed.

Or order the Taiyo Yudens from Rima.com or Meritline.com for $47 for a 100-pack (Plus shipping and handling fees of course). These are indeed 8x DVD+R’s as well with a Silver Lacquer finish and burn off fine in our BenQ’s. Rima also has Samsung 4x DVD+R’s that are the 4x variety of Taiyo Yuden which also really give nice results. These have a bit better branded surface and are $45 for 100. I think the BenQ can over-speed these to 12x with good results. :smiley:

If your best buy is sold out of made in japan fuji media, go to


I just ordered these discs for $26 instead of $41 from newegg. This site seems to have better prices on DVD media than newegg. I just found out about this site last week, so i’m passing the knowledge to you. They are very reliable. Ordered them last friday and got them yesterday with the cheapest shipping. My online media purchases will now be made at rima only. I was pretty impressed.

EDIT: I didn’t see the previous poster saying the same thing. Sorry :slight_smile:

thank you very much guys, this has been very helpful. ya got quite a kick-ass forum going on here, i’m very impressed with the general knowledge base and super high activity.

“Use the force, Luke…” But, seriously, listen to the folks here! We won’t steer you wrong (not usually). The media recommendations are sound. Make sure any FUJI media you buy from BB is 8x and MADE IN JAPAN (read the label!). They are GENUINE TY and IMO one of the deals of the century for “name-brand” medias. Do stay away from “FAKE” TYs as they DO suck.

As a side note, the TYG02 (-R) will burn at 16x! But, I had one bad burn and I’ve decided to spend the extra 25 seconds (literally) and burn at 12x. I’ve gotten what I consider nothing short of AMAZING results from these (check out the link in my signature for an example of a 16x TYG02 burn). The SONY08D1 that I recommended will also burn at 16x (-R). So, there are TWO .20 each NAME-BRAND medias that will burn at 16x. What a deal :wink:

Also, the TDK 8X DVD+R (must be made in Japan also) are also TY media. They are $19.99 for a 50 spindle also. Bets buy usually stocks both.

Which brands are known to be Taiyo Yuden discs?

Here are my scan for FujiFilm 8x DVD+R TaiyoYuden.

Rip/Burn using CloneDVD/AnyDVD, burnt at 12x under 7min:

Now that is one pretty TY scan. :wink:

Impossible to answer. Most brands use different media, depending on the current market situation.
I have found an online supplier in Germany (I live in Europe) that delivers unbranded, certified Taiyo Yudens, but lots of other websites offer Platinum, Fuji, Datawrite and other brands, that may change to another mediacode without notice.
Best way to avoid getting non-TY is to keep following the threads on this forum. :slight_smile:

Here’s one scan of the Best Buy bought FujiFilm DVD+R 8x burned at 12x using Nero Firmware on my drive is B7P9

FYI: I got some Sony 8x dvd+r made in Japan…alst week from Staples…they $20 …got 2 spindles and used $10 oof $40 coupon…with tax $33 for MID Yuden000 02…

so Sony 8x dvd+r, TDK and Fuji 8x dvd+r are TY media…Staples and BB run sales on them frequently…at least the last several weeks

I bought the same Sony 8x DVD+R’s from Staples and they were Taiyo Yudens as well. However, for some reason the sony batch I got are not burning as nice as the fuji batch from best buy. By this I mean the fuji batch, burnt at 12x gets a consistent score of 97% but the sony batch gets a consistent score of less than 70% when burnt at 12x. I just burn the sony batch at 8x and I get a high score. My 2 cents. :slight_smile:

I have about 90 Fuji DVDs left and about 45 sony DVDs left. Knowing that the fuji discs are giving me great burn results, should I buy the fuji 50pack at bestbuy for $20? Or do I have too many already and I can wait for the next sale? I burn about 5 dvds a week.