T.V Output Queries

I know questions such as these have definetely been asked before, however, when I try to search for the word “TV output”, I get a message that the TV is too small :frowning:

I wanted to clarify something…

If I buy a AGP card that support dual monitors and has a TV output and if I put in a DVD into the drive,

  1. Would it be possible to watch a film on the T.V?
  2. Would the clarity be good?
  3. Would the clarity on the T.V depend on the AGP card Memory (128 better than 64 to watch the T.V output)?
  4. Can I have a movie output something on to the T.V and another output for the monitor?

Please note that my requirement for a T.V output would primarily be to watch VCD and DVD and hence want to know if it would be clear and If I need 128MB AGP for this… I do not do any form of graphics work and so presume dont need 128 for normal use.

Not really related to this, but while on TVs, monitors and outputs, just a quick question… Is there a way I can keep my PC in my bedroom and have it transmit something from the PC to the TV wirelessly (Through RF or something to that effect?)

Thanks in advance for replies…

(My co. blocks access to this site and hence I’ll probably be able to check for replies only tomorrow :frowning: )

Your questions

  1. Yes, no additional software needed (although TVTool is very nice for NVidia cards)

  2. Well, that depends on the quality of the TVout and of course the settings you made. The quality can be quite good. Generally speaking, ATi cards have a better TVout than NVidia cards

  3. Nopez :slight_smile:

  4. I don’t know exactly what you mean… do you mean to say that all movies are always redirected to the TV? If that’s what you are asking: yes it can be done, but not in a nice way. The TV is set as a secundary monitor (at a lower resolution ofcourse), so what you have is either expand your desktop to the secundary monitor or clone your desktop on the secundary monitor. Depending on your OS, the desktop expanding can be used (not all OS’ support overlay mode om the second screen; all regular modern VGA cards do)

  5. Even an old 16MB card should be enough to watch TV. You can easily do the math yourself: 800x600x32bpp < 16MB (NVidia’s highest resolution to send to a TV, not PAL!). The only reason for more video memory, is when you want play games (or do other things that require a lot of memory on your graphics board) that need the memory for their textures…

  6. Yes, you can transmit the signal from the PC to your TV or so… depending on where you live, certain in-home transmitters are allowed. They should be available from about $50. Just one little thing: their quality ain’t that good. If you can do it, rather use a static cable in stead of a wireless connection…

Hey… thanks so much. It’s really appreciated.

What I meant to ask in point 4 was that - if it will be possible for me to use my monitor to browse the net or work on my PC while I have a movie shown on the TV so that my kids and wife can watch that while I work or browse the net. It is not necessary that movie always output to the TV… just when I need it.

From the reply you have given, I presume this can be done although I have not quite understood it. Guess I’ll ask more details when I finally get one of 'em.

Thanks for the tip that the ATI card are better for TV output. I’ll have to check what cards are available here and maybe then get opinions on that too based on whats available. What does anyone think of the MSI cards? Forgive my ignorance, but am not too familiar with all this, specially with the brands…

Also, can someone give me a tip on how I can search the boards for a term thats as short as “TV”.

Thanks again!!!

Yes this can be done, and it’s fairly easy! All you have to do, is put (drag for instance) the video you want to watch to the secundary monitor (=TV).

MSI cards? Well they do their work just like they should do. They are good, but not better/worse than most other cards (except for their GF4 series, they had a really good cooling, making overclocking slightly easier). If you want to go for an ATi video card, then there’s no MSI card for you, as MSI uses NVidia chipsets…

some software players (powerDVD?) will not allow playback when the tv out is enabled (unless it has macrovision, I think). DVD region free will enable playback on tv