T Rex soft tissue being examined-LET THE CLONING BEGIN!



These undated photos provided by the journal Science show demineralized fragments of tissues lining the marrow cavity of a Tyrannosaurus Rex femur. Photograph A shows the demineralized fragment is flexible and resilient and when stretched (arrow) returns to its original shape. Photograph B shows the demineralized bone in (A) after air drying. The overall structure and functional characteristics remain after dehydration. Photograph C shows regions of demineralized bone showing fibrous character (arrows). These characteristics are not normally seen in fossil bone. Scientists who had to break a dinosaur bone to remove it from its sandstone location say they have recovered 70-million-year-old soft tissues from inside the bone. The find included what appear to be blood vessels, and possibly even cells, from a Tyrannosaurus Rex. (AP Photo/Science)


I have this great idea. Why don’t we build this park and charge admission and allow the people to mingle with the Dinosaurs. It would be like that park where the animals roam free and the people drive through in cars. We can call it Jurassic Park. All we need is a warm enough climate, like Costa Rica or in one of the African Countries. We can make a fortune and what could go wrong?


I would defenitely love it to see a T-Rex, just for once.


I would like to own a nice big pet like that.


I don’t think nice is the right word.


@namoh- I would like to see one as well. I have played with the little plastic ones for so long. :stuck_out_tongue: It sure would be nice to see what colors they were and how they actually moved… speed, intelligence, etc!!!

I guess we wont get to see the real thing. It’s hard to beleive that there is even any chance, after 70 million years of extinction. I wonder if they will try? :slight_smile: The parallel to Jurrassic park is very close. Instead of amber, you just need to break open the bones and “demineralise” the tissue inside. At least the article indicates this is not an isolated thing. So there is a possibility that many of these creatures could be re-created, I suppose, if the DNA is still there. :eek:


maybe he can reform his band with some new Members and put out even more albums…sorry bad joke

Get it on, Bang a Gong! :slight_smile:




Yes … once … and it might be the last thing you ever see …

I’d hate to find out t-rex was just as smart as humans … just bigger & hungrier.


Now once we have our dinosaur, how are we going to parent it?


While we could get possibly extract the DNA from this tissue - the problem remains of inserting it into a suitable living cell from which to begin. I’m not sure that there are any animals in today’s world suitable for such a process. Maybe the crocodile or alligator.

There is some awesome work going on in Africa, cloning endangered wild cats, by growing stem cells from tissue gathered from a “parent” - then extracting the DNA from the egg of a domestic tabby, inserting the wild cat DNA, and placing the egg back into the domestic cat, after inseminating it with sperm manipulated in the same way. It’s being done with smaller species of wild cats though. No way a standard moggie could push out a puma. :stuck_out_tongue:

I love genetic engineering. :smiley:


You can be the mum. Namoh’s into animal husbandry.