T-Mobile offering iPhone trade-in promotion



I just posted the article T-Mobile offering iPhone trade-in promotion.

T-Mobile created a new trade-in program aimed at giving Apple iPhone owners up to $350 if they want to switch carriers and pick up the HTC HD 2 smartphone.

Read the full article here: [http://www.myce.com/news/t-mobile-offering-iphone-trade-in-promotion-28169/](http://www.myce.com/news/t-mobile-offering-iphone-trade-in-promotion-28169/)

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Could you break that down for us?

I’m not an iPhone owner, so I can’t say whether I’d drop it for the HD2, but from what I hear the HD2 is a nice piece of tech with a very nice screen and UI.


I’m not but i would. (This is not considering the fact that i would never buy a Iphone or us AT&T)

But the Iphone is in a sense getting ‘out dated’ You know they will release a new one in not to long with all the new phones like the nexus one. All these new phones carrying 1Ghz processors are much faster and can multi-task. You know if they want to stay in the game Apple will release a new Iphone within the year is my guess. So i would take it and get a new phone before they replace the Iphone.

If i didn’t want to sue T-mobile i would still take it reject the 2yr plan pay $100 to now have a $450 unlocked phone and take it to AT&T. If i was a Iphone lover i would not even use it and sell it to make $400 to buy your new Iphone when they release it.


I am and I wouldn’t.


i have 2 I Phones and no i would not trade in either of my phones .I live in a city with 3G service too…i’m happy with AT&T…T Mobile is not a reliable network in my area so having a rival phone and not being able to use it…just because they offered a buck for a phone…no thanks…i have too many apps i’ve downloaded and use to turn my back on it…