T-Box only has 1 tuner

Do you reckon the fact that the Telstra T-Box only has the recording capability of recording only 1 channel, unlike the Twin Tuners of other PVR’s, is being kept quiet by Telstra in it’s T-Box media blurbs.
I only found out after ordering one and then had the hassle of getting a refund when I discovered it wasn’t able to record 2 different channels as the Tivo or Beyonwiz, Topfield and most other models of HD PVR’s can.
This seems like an elephant in the room to me.How many other people are going to be extremely pissed off about this when they get their T-Box home.
When I rang Telstra to order one and asked about the T-Box recording features, this single only tuner,one channel recording capability was never mentioned or even hinted at.

Just don’t compare apples with oranges.

All receivers are different, not just by design (there are more than enough clones), but also by the used tuners, OSD, features enabled or disabled, and last but not least the area where you can buy them anyways…

g’day chef,
they are all PVR’s so your apple an oranges fingo aint tripping me synapses.
i’ve tried to work out how you have answered my question and all i could get, is that you have inserted a link to apple.
if i’m wrong let this old one finger plodder dinosaur know what the caper is.

That “Telstra T-Box” you got is a device you got with a contract, abo or similar?
The point is, they may have good hardware, but such devices are always crippled (mostly by hardware, sometimes by design).
Is this device a simple Satellite or Cable receiver??

It’s sort of TV cable box and not many are happy with the quality considering they pay $300 for the box. It’s a French product manufactured in China for Australia - piece of junk!

There must be alternatives.

So its a DVB Receiver for cable TV then?!

No alternatives, it’s a proprietary T-box you have to buy when you want Telstra TV - no choice!

Uh, thats bad.

Wouldnt be possible here in the EU…

[QUOTE=chef;2552680]Wouldnt be possible here in the EU…[/QUOTE]Those “certified for $service” receivers are rather close to that. But indeed, there is some competition.


The only “choice” you got in Australia is another pay TV provider but Telstra is a quasi monopoly in most areas and the few more expensive competitors will require you to buy their box to connect.

There is no open standard here to connect cable TV - the only open standard left is ADSL/phone Internet access where you still can buy any modem you want to connect.