Hi house!I wanna buy a T-bird at 1 GHz but I have a Creative Geforce 2 MX and I heard that there are some…conflicts between them.Is that true?And PLEASE suggest me who T-bird to buy(slot A at 266 or 200)which M/B is thew best combination and what is going on with geforce2mx??:confused:

PLEASE I need your help to deside!!!

Thank you! :)


it depends on what brand of motherboard & geforce 2 mx you have, but these problems are all solved in the latest drivers , i assume


Yup, it works with the latest drivers



I have a very stable system with the ASUS Mb A7V 133 and the
1.2 GHz Athlon Thunderbird (266 MHz FSB), a Geforce 2 MX (Creative) and a Soundblaster 5.1.

Runs Windows 98 SE (i do not trust ME that much).
Latest release drivers (VIA chipset 4in1 drivers 1.28 Detonator 3 6.50 for Geforce).

I am a bit worried in general about power manegement and Windows 9x, so I switch it off as much as possible.


Ok In the next days I hope I will deside and I `ll let you know …before buying OFCOURCE!!!:wink:



<<<to PCHANS>>>Hello to you friend.Can you clear me this:Detonator drivers!!Aren`t they only for use with GFRC2MX for America cards ONLY???or I can use them too?I bought it from Europe!PLEASE HOUSE!!!EXPLAIN IT TO ME!!



I bought the Geforce cards all locally in the Netherlands and use the drivers from Nvidia without problems.
The user interface part ofcourse is in english.

Most card manufacturers have localised versions and might be uptodate too with localised versions.

The version I use is 650, Creative also supplies this version. There are more recent builds (7xx) but they are beta.

So look first at the card manufactures site (go for known names such as Asus and Creative and Guillemot)


So we do have the same card!!Yes I found 650 ver update drivers and I will test it.You mean that no matter that you have a Creative card you are using Nvidia site`s drivers.Detonator drivers!!!Sorry if I am being ****… but I am afraid…:confused:!


All the card manufacturers use the NVIDIA drivers as core of their product. Some add management utilities themselves. So their is a time gap between a new release NVIDIA driver and the update of the card manufacturer.
Creative is also at the 650 update level now, so it does not matter which driver you use.

A different story for beta drivers. Much further advanced, sometimes a game or a nasty bug really demands a newer version so the beta driver is unavoidable. But when there are no problems stay away from beta’s!


I downloaded 650 and everythings ok but...I wanna try detonator drivers because any prog for overclocking demands these drivers!Im searching all the time but none!!Anyway thanks Pchans!!!:slight_smile: You were really helpfull!!