T.A. Productions announces a new development in Audio CD copy-protection technology

I just posted the article T.A. Productions announces a new development in Audio CD copy-protection technology.

Cliffside Park, NJ, June 9, 2003

  • T.A. Productions announced, today, that a new and
    superior CD Audio Copy Protection technology is currently being developed.
Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/6010-T_A_-Productions-announces-a-new-development-in-Audio-CD-copy-protection-technology.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/6010-T_A_-Productions-announces-a-new-development-in-Audio-CD-copy-protection-technology.html)

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Another crappy company trying to bump some share prices. They will never get it off the ground. People want to be able to play their CD’s where the hell they want to and do whatever they want with them.

don’t you just love their opening line: “The idea behind ALB was to give music owners the freedom to enjoy their music at CD Quality” Uh huh…

“The advantage with offering full cd-quality to PC users is that they can use programs such as total recorder to create unprotected MP3 files. Also, allowing playback on consumer players allows minidisc/unprotected cd/pc copies to be made of the recording, so home users will not suffer.” “Of course pirates will be completely baffled by this new technology and would never, ever, be able to copy these CD’s” Er, though it’s interesting what they say about no corruption on the CD’s… Including the TOC? Maybe the second TOC extends over the first (is that possible?) and so drives take the second one as being correct. But i’m probably wrong, it’ll probably the age old gullible investors/bullshit press release scam! Plextor premium anyone?

Note to music industry- Copy protection costs money that must be passed on to consumer. Thats bad, your product is too expensive already. That’s why it isn’t selling.

From what I see, as technology progresses, the industry seems to taking control away from the end-users. If this continues, one day, no matter what electronic good one buys, there will be some restrictions in place, e.g. a games & music can only ever be played on the first device it’s put in to, computers will only run software that’s first been activated, etc. Maybe many years ahead, you may even need a license to compile home-made programs (just a thought)! :frowning: