System Works 2003

I’ve had a heck of a time making a backup of my Norton System Works 2003 CD. I have CCD with “amplify weak sectors” checked and am reading at 4X, but when I test the disk it craps out on the last sequence and I have to insert the original CD to get it to complete.

Anyone know what type of copy protection Symantec’s using?

Much obliged.

AFAIK there is no protection on any Norton products, well not on mine anyway.
Try using the Data CD profile in CloneCD

yeah, I have a systemworks 2003 and it doesn’t seem to have any protection on it.

Just checked it here at work, and indeed, no protection on the original disc…

Maybe the disc is filthy? Or your reader has overall reading problems?

I’ve never had problems copying any other disk, even those with copy protection. I have a Lite-On 48125W, but no copy of this disk will complete installation. Disk is not dirty and the original installed on my wife’s computer and mine.

Any other ideas? I have VIA drivers, which CloneCD is known to have some issues with, but they’ve seemed to work in the past. Also tried copying the disk with Alcohol 120, but that was a no-go, too.

Thanks for your input. I’ll try copying it on another machine and see what happens.