System volume too loud

Not really burning related -
I have a problem with my work computer that everything is too loud. The windows sound properties volume slider is calibrated ridiculously so there’s like a billimetre between silent and way too loud. I can’t find any way using the windows control panel to make this quieter, and it’s even worse with e.g. real player because that amps up the volume on top of the windows basal level.
Is there a secret and more direct tweak to recalibrate the windows volume settings?

Sound card, its driver, and software that involves sound (dvd player) can all affect the volume of your system. You might want to reinstall your sound card driver or try a different sound card. You can also reinstall your current software dvd player or try a different one. In my system, PowerDVD takes over the system volume upon launch.

ive noticed on mine that wave/mp3 is really close to the bottom and if i move it up one notch its super loud, to correct this i slide the master volume to a lower setting.

The master volume slider is the one really low already. It is on my work Compaq :Z which has internal speakers :Z so in a sense I’m asking for it.
I don’t think the whole “reasonable use” policy adherence would look so good in the office with massive gleaming amp and speaker set.:stuck_out_tongue:

is it onboard sound or sound card in the pci slot? You could buy a cheap soundcard and hook up a cheap set of external speakers. You don’t need an amp and 7.1 surround sound at work do you??

Any form of modification of hardware would scare my co-workers. They already revere me as super user for being able to move base units to different desks and share network printers, and look at me open-eyed as I unplug a crashed computer to restart it.
I think a lot of people have an anthropomorphic view of computers - they seem so complex and inscrutable, and so powerful in their destructive potential, that people fear them.