System Volume Information

I have a trojan horse imbeded in one of the restore archives. The antispyware detects it but doesn’t delete or quarantine because is embeded. That means that I have to go and delete it myself. System Volume Information is ocult by attribute and will not open regardless of what I do. Any ideas please? :bow:

Go to system restore and turn it off, That will delete the contents of the system volume information folder. Scan your system again to make sure it’s gone then turn system restore back on if you want it on.

Follow these steps. This should remove your trojan horse

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Thanks a lot guys! I looked at the lynk but don’t know how to find the files i need sysclean and the spyware database.Sorry. Help?

I’ve never used it but i think you need both files. You just click on the file to download it:

Important: Both the file and the latest pattern file should be in the System Cleaner folder.

Thanks again Rolling56.

Dude you don’t need any of that. Just right click your My Computer icon>Properties>System Restore tab and tick the box that says turn off system restore hit apply and it will be gone.

By far the easiest way to do it. :iagree:

That depends on what kind of trojan it is. Better to check your whole system. :slight_smile:

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And remember to turn System Restore back on afterwards, unless you really want it disabled.

Yup, good advice (I keep mine disabled and backup a lot). :wink:

I did all you guys advice and got rid of the trojan. I’m clean now. You are great guys! Thanks a lot again!