System very slow when burning

Hi All,

I’ve just bought an Nec 2500 and have come up against a small problem.

When I’m burning a disc (with latest Nero) my system basically slows down so much that I can’t do anything else on it. I’ve got a decent enough system so I don’t think its lack of CPU power, below are my specs.

AMD XP 2400+
Abit KG7-Lite
512Mb Ram
2 x Maxtor 40Gb 7200rpm HDD
Western Digital Caviar 120Gb HDD (8Mb buffer)
Pioneer DVD Rom

I’ve checked to see that all the IDE channels are running on Ultra DMA so I don’t think that’s the problem. I’m running the DVD Rom off a raid card(Cheap one) and the DVD writer is on the same cable as the western digital, should the writer have it’s own channel?

I initially tried putting the writer on its own channel on the raid card but then moved it onto the same channel as the western digital. I’ve got the latest nero so at the moment I’m not sure what could be causing it.

The only other thing I can think of is that I’ve not installed any service packs for Win2k on the machine in question. The reason for this is that with a service pack installed I get a beeping sound through my speakers. Any before anyone says anything about security etc that machine is not on the internet at all.

Anyone got any suggestions?