System very slow when burning




Why is CopytoDVD slowing down my PC when burning a DVD. When burning with CopyToDVD the system is almost not usable. When doing the same project with Nero it al went without any slowness so the system is fast enough (Athlon 2400 512Mb)

What can I do about it?



what version are you using of copytodvd, make sure it is the latest version (3.0.45) to rule out that as a potential problem,


I now have installed but I have this problem with all versions I ever tried.



I’ve seen similar high CPU load with some DVD dupe proggies. You may want to try CloneDVD or DVD2ONE. Nero is always best when it comes to low CPU load during burn. If you can’t afford another application, then write the data in FILE or ISO mode, and use Nero to burn the data to the DVD.

If you have the latest version of Nero 6.6, then you should go to and download the Nero Vision Express package. NVE has Recode. Use Recode and AnyDVD to backup your movies.


Check UDMA usage for both IDE controlers…


Patin Couffin drivers used by VSO products have been known to cause many issues.


Patin Couffin drivers used by VSO products have been known to cause many issues.
What you can’t offer any help and it’s easier to try to mis-lead people, that solves the problem?

Upgrade to the latest version (3.0.45), make sure your chipset drivers are current, and as aleady stated make sure DMA is being used.


what’s your problem kamikazee? :confused: i base my statement on the number of issues i’ve read about. also, Patin Couffin is update very frequently…why, because of bugs.


Hmmm… the ASPI layer and Ahead Nero are updated very very frequently too… Why ?

(For Nero, sometimes they introduce more bugs than the number they correct… It reminds me that a friend just finish to download the full nero package - yes he is mad - burn and fail a few CD-R with this marvelous software (that still cannot handle layer break correctly and long volume name) and then was informed by another forum member that there was a available (2 days only after a very long download, he was soooo happy !)

With no change log between the buggy and Nero…


i never said other software didn’t have bugs.


no problem

i never said other software didn’t have bugs.
The implication was there, seemed more like a scare tactic than help, I could be wrong tho.


i have no interest in utilizing scare tactics for anything for any reason. i’ll let you and this thread alone to troubleshoot. good luck.