System Utility Suites?

Do you guys use any system utility suites, any why?

I use only a defragger & Registry Mechanic for system maintenance.

I run scheduled, automatic daily scans for viruses and spyware, and I don’t install shady/iffy stuff.

I used to use Norton Utilities years ago, but it pretty much just seemed to repair registry errors (I may be wrong, but it doesn’t matter now, because I no longer wish to use any of Symantec products anyway.)
I tried System Mechanic one time a couple of years ago, and I had to re-install Windows after running it.

After re-installing Windows that night, I decided to just use a good defragging program, a good registry cleaner, and of course keep my AV/Firewall/Anti-Spyware protection activated, and updated.

I have had good luck with this method, and have had no need for any additional maintenance software thus far, what do you guys think/recommend?

I think you have to be selective with what programs you use with the suites. I had fix it utilities kill my system requiring a reinstall not to long ago. I still like some of the norton tools but it has become to hard to selectivlly install them without installing all the crap. Fixit utilities seems to have a few good tools too. I recently tried system mechanic and while it too had some decent tools, I really didnt like the firewall much. If they will let you selectivlly install software and not nesasarilly run their firewall or antivirus, I might end up with a couple of suites on this next install (even though thier might only be one or two tools that I like on a particular one).

I hear ya, see it seems like most of the utility suites are based around a firewall, AV, registry cleaner, and defragger…I already have a good one of all of those. :iagree:

I to run daily scans for adware, spyware, and viruses and also stay away from iffy sites. I also run a defrag once a week, and delete all cookies, temp internet files, and clear my history once a week. I do also however use Symantec products because they seem to work well for me. Other than that i use to free programs to speed/clean up my system. The first is called privacy mantra. not sure how well it works but it seems to do the job. The other free program i use, which made an immidiate and drastic difference is called Advanced Windowscare. it nearly doubled my internet speed and also has other advantages. There is also a reputable website which allows you to run a test of your system. The test takes about 3 min. and then grades your computer on performance, memory, security, and a few other categories. After the test is run it also offers tips to resolve any detected provlems. Lastly using the data collected during the scan of your systems hardware it compares your computer to others that are similar. Mine for example rates at 104% meaning my system is 4% better than others similar(whatever that means) Either way its a nice little test to gauge where your computer stands and may help you decide if a system utilty suite or other programs/actions are needed to improve your computers overall performance…

System utility suites have become less and less useful as time goes on. There was a time (Win95/Win98 first edition) when it was absolutely VITAL to have Norton Utilities or Systemworks on your machine.

But nowadays, the “industry leader” programs aren’t in suites. Norton and McAfee software has gone down the toilet towards “not even a little useful” (McAfee will actually corrupt your hard drive sometimes, depending on the revision), Speed Disk no longer actually defrags your hard drive…

I think I stopped using any system utility suites around the same time that Norton Disk Doctor stopped ACTUALLY fixing your hard disk, and started just running windows’ CHKDSK. That’s just SAD.

I don’t like these system suites because often they have only one or two tools that I really need, and a great bunch of tools totally useless, but that are running on the background sucking CPU power and memory.

So I prefer to install only the tools I really need. If also windows could allow this, an user could install only what he really need avoiding to overload a machine. I mean a feature like in office installation named “install only after the first use”. In this way it’s possible to avoid complete installations that very often include tools that most of users really don’t need at all :wink:

I very much agree with Gurm. I have used Norton for ages, and it really was a must in those days. Lately, Norton is simply useless. I do much of the maintenance manually (cleaning, etc.) and sometimes using Windows Defrag.

I have used SystemWorks since win98 days. but for the past few years the only thing I install is the antivirus and windoctor.

i do the same as you, registry mechanic is a good wee program.

just installed acronis true image for the first time, after a fu*k up, so hopefully this will cut down reinstallation time

No system utility suites here, although I did have Registry Mechanic installed before the last format. As has been said, a good program.


No way am I letting something automated by somebody else decide what and where something in the reg should be :disagree:

Hehe :bigsmile:

I must admit, I like tinkering with the reg myself, but Registry Mechanic is good for when you can’t be arsed.

I don’t know anything about the registry, so i leave it up to the program, it’s better that way, or it’s another reinstall :doh:

Norton has become a bloated mess. A good and inexpensive alternate that’s handy as a suite is VCom’s System Suite Pro 6. It includes the Trend Micro AV, the Sygate Firewall and a nice selection of other tools. It doesn’t attempt to load a ton of active monitor crap without your permission and is an excellent ‘fill in’ for hardly more than some other single purpose tools. I’ve used things like their Registry Cleaner for years and it’s never created an issue or problem by being ‘over-agressive’.

I can defanatlly agree with norton being crap but I have a few issues with vcoms software. I have fix it utilities (about the same as system suite without the firewall). The first time I backed up my registry and used the registry cleaner, it killed half my programs. when I tried to undo it with the backup, it killed windows. Also, the antivirus has no background updating. It is constantlly pestering you to update which requires downloading the update activly, running an instlalation program with user input, and a reboot. I shut off automatic update notification but I fear I will get lasy and forget to update it often enough. Still, I trust the scan engin as it is made by trend micro (though diffrent than trend micros anti virus), and am still running the software for now. It does seem to have some usefull tools.
I just wish I could take the best features from several suites and make them into one. That is kind of what I am trying to do infact, by using a few suites, but not installing all the features.

well i am using servel system utilities …like i am using tweaknow powerpack 2006 …which includes few small utilities like optimising ram,registry error check etc …to control start up program list,xp services,etc… i am using winpatrol pro 9.7(i know startup program can be controlled by other means) but for new pc user i recommand that software…

i aslo have ad-aware pro for scanning spywares ,firewell zonealram pro 6 and kaspersky antivirus

… that all i have :slight_smile: if anyone know better solution then …just post a reply :slight_smile:

Note my boldface type in that quote. You do realize that RAM optimizers are a scam, yeah? :wink:

I agree MOST RAM optimizers are a scam that do next to nothing. I have found ONE that does work consistently to really reclaim RAM, esp when programs have crashed… I’ve consistently found it almost as useful as a cold reboot: MemTurbo. Their version 2 makes several passes to accomplish this. MemTurbo 3 claims it works in one pass… it doesn’t very well, but letting it scrub ram 2 or 3 times recovers everything. Moreover, I’ve used it for years under Win 2000 and XP (both SP1 and SP2) and it NEVER crashes any of my boxes…

This software is what the doctors refer to as “Obe Calp”. (Read it backwards!)

I only use CCleaner and I did download a tool - Hitman Pro - the site is in dutch I seem to remember - and it installs and runs a whole load of spyware scanners (does install in english though) It was a nice free utility.

I also like Norton Ghost 2003 for doing my regular back up’s.