System tray icons disappear after

…Installing the trial version of Nero 6.

My anti virus, printer, and USB modem all have control icons in the system tray. These have gone since installing the trial version, leaving only the volume icon. Task manager shows the programs in question are running, but the icons are not there. Anybody ahve any idea why Nero would cause this?

After a system restore everything was back to normal. Tried installing trial version again and same thing happens.

Could it have anything to do with the fact that when installing Nero, it asks what icons should be created (desktop, quick launch etc.)? I cannot remember if the system tray was mentioned. In any case, i unchecked all options.

Thanks in advance

Ahead gave me this reply:

In Media Player 9 and 10 a burning engine form another company is included and so they will be installed also on a new system.
You would have to deinstall the mediaplayer and reinstall it with own settings and without the burning engine.
The other suggeestion would be that on the first Nero Installtion a error occured and something wasn’t installed correctly. So the cleaninstallation would have fixed this.

Re-installing the applications afterwards was all that was needed.