System Shock 2 on Windows XP



After extensive searching, I cannot find a solution to my problem. I bought System Shock 2 the other day at K-Mart for $1, and I cannot get it to work on 2 of my computers. Whenever you go to start a level, it freezes and comes up with “Direct 3D Device does not accurately report texture memory usage” message. Now I have looked and looked, tried adding safe_texture_manager into a user.cfg file, tried to add it to another file, but still the same message.

PC 1

AthlonXP 2000+
Nvidia GeForce 4 Ti 4200 AGP 8x Driver no.
Asrock K7VT2 MoBo
512 MBs RAM
Windows XP Home

PC 2

Intel Celeron 600mhz running at 1018mhz
SiS 630E Graphics chipset
178Mbs RAM
Windows XP Home

Any suggestions?



You need to download the official patch for System Shock 2:

You’ll need the file shkpatch.exe, it fixes issues with Windows XP.

Also to install System Shock under XP you’ll need to add
“-lgntforce” to the setup instruction e.g.

d:\setup.exe -lgntforce


Thanx i’ll give it a try:)


Hey, I tried the patch, and it made the beginning movies come up, but unfortunatly, it still does not work. :sad:


Maybe this will help :


I hope you find a solution because SS2 is one of the best games ever :bow:


Thankyou soo much! It worrks :bow: :bow: :iagree:

Thanks to both of you for all your help!