Hello again,

when i open my Burnform in VB.NET i become a Error i never become before. I mean my software runs correctly. I write some little new code in other forms. And now i become an exception.

when i create the nerolib.nero object in the form inizialise:

Private Sub Form_Initialize_Renamed()
Dim myIndex As Object
nero = New NEROLib.Nero() <- Debugger Exception comes from here!!!

    strMessages = ""
    Dim drives As NEROLib.INeroDrives
    drives = nero.GetDrives(NEROLib.NERO_MEDIA_TYPE.NERO_MEDIA_CDR)

    For myIndex = 0 To drives.Count - 1
        AvailableDevices.Items.Insert(myIndex, drives.Item(myIndex).DeviceName)
    AvailableDevices.SelectedIndex = 1

Exit Sub
End Sub

Why i become this error and why i dont become it before. I only change options in my code that has no affect to the burning process! ;(:bow:

Greets from Germany Snitch