System Restore Question - LVW5005



If I were to do a System/Default/Restore what changes? Does the firmware that was factory installed get reinstalled? Or does it return all settings except firmware to the original settings?

If the original firmware is not restored, is there a way to make a backup copy of the original firmware? I’m asking these questions out of curiosity from essentially a hypothetical perspective. I can envision a situation where a firmware upgrade or hack causes so much trouble that a resetting back to a workable condition is needed.

Thanks for your input.


The only way to back up firmware once installed on the machine is to copy the EEprom. Via prom programmer.

System/Default/Restore what changes? REsets all settings to default. May allow you down grade but some people have have had problems. Even when they have the lower firmware version. before the lastest firmware.


Thanks Hexmech. I thought this was the case. It would really be a good add if Liteon would include a “rescue” CD with the factory installed firmware on it. This way you could always restore to factory condition if something goes wrong.


That is a great idea since if the update goes belly up it will boot and just open the tray with "put Cd in " so Liteon must have a master cd.

The only downside is it must contain the root image which possibly could be used to convert a 5001 to a 5005


Hopefully Liteon will do something like this. Another approach is to have a “backup” eprom already on the board that always maintains the original firmware. Gigabyte has an execution like this on their PC motherboards called Dual BIOS. If the flash goes bad the system automatically “flips” to the other BIOS to boot. Then the user gets a message indicating the reserve BIOS is being used and to attempt to re-flash the failed BIOS. If it is cheap enough to implement on PC motherboards a similar redundancy could be done with standalone devices such as the 5005.
I would love to see some kind of safety net other than “ship it to the factory”.


unwired, in this post hodr has hooked up his recorder to a pc and modded it. There are many liteon tools in the liteon recoding forum which can be run using the pc.