System requirements

well i really want to buy a game F.E.A.R 2 but the system requirement are 2.8 GHz 1GB of ram 256mb video card and i have 2.2 GHz 0.98GB of ram 256mb video card will it still play on my computer. by the way it is for pc.

if they have a DEMO try that out first… that’s always a good indication of how the game will run :wink:

but you never mentioned exact WHAT CPU’s they where referring to… because for example a AMD Athlon 3500+ is only 2.2ghz CPU but it’s equivalent to a 3ghz+ Pentium 4 CPU.

so that’s why i asked exactly what they list for CPU like type of it and mhz etc.

p.s. this is a ‘game console’ section and not a PC game section of the forums so this will probably be moved.

My bad.but thanks alot.i think i will find a demo