System requirements for Samsung SE-S184M

I have looked all over the web for system requirements for different DVD burners. :confused: Is there someplace that lists that sort of thing? I’m interested in the Samsung SE-S184M, but don’t know the system requirements. Some sites list some requirements of some machines, but it seem to be very inconsistant. This does seem to be a very cool machine.

Hi kzolady and welcome to cdfreaks,

I’m a little confused. I can’t imagine your system would have trouble, but…
Is usb 2.0 supported on your rig?
You shouldn’t need much in terms of bells and whistles. Does your system support dvd burning now?
Might be easier to tell us what you have.

[Edit] btw, have you looked at the review by Dee-27 right here on cdf:
Samsung SE-S184M DVD Burner Review

Hi maineman

Thanks for your reply. My current computer is not really up to date. I am still using ME and my cpu is only 751mhz. I am replacing a dvd-rom drive, and am beginning to think I won’t be able to upgrade it to a dvd burner. I did find out earlier today I can’t use the Samsung SE-S184M. It would be nice if the sites that sold these things would just give the info.

Thanks again