System Requirements for DVD Writer

[B]Hello all my system config is AMD Athlon XP 1800+, 128 MB RAM, HDD 40 GB.
I want to buy a DVD writer. So please tell me the system hardware requirements for a DVD writer.
What should I upgrade?

Thanks in advance

Are you going to be ripping as well as burning?

Welcom to CDF.
That speed of CPU should work, if you used something like ImgBurn to make an Iso/image file first and kept the burn speed quite low so nothing was getting rushed.
Doing this, I have had no problems with my 700 MHz slot A Athlon, but I have only ever burnt a 2.4x and 4x, and it has a 7200 rpm hard drives, you dont say what your Hdd speed is, if its only 5400 rpm that would be what I would upgrade.

As for ripping, thats not such a big deal, it will just go at the speed it can, you wont waste a disk if it cant cope.

Running a DVD writer at 8x was even possible with a PIII/600 and some sluggish 20 GB HDD. But that computer had 320 MB RAM and was powered by Windows 98SE :slight_smile:

Thank you everyone for your reply…

I want to rip as well as burn DVD’s. My HDD is Seagate ST340810A 40GB Hard Drive (Ultra ATA/100, 5,400 RPM, 2MB - MPN: ST340810A).

What should I upgrade apart from my present 128 SD RAM?

Hi,[QUOTE=kar85;1935055]What should I upgrade apart from my present 128 SD RAM?[/QUOTE]I would consider adding a bigger HDD.
Since your system is somewhat older, it might not support HDDs larger that ~120 GB (That also depends on the operating system).


More RAM if possible and Faster HD, like a 80GB ATA150 or ATA300 would light your fire!

I have an 1800+ as well. I have XP sp2 on an 80 gig hd, and added a 250 gig as a secondary (the largest my ECS K7S5A board will take). With 768 mb of ram, I have no problem ripping or burning. As a matter of fact, it takes on average, 40 minutes to rip and burn a DVD in DVDFab. However, I have a DVD rom to rip, and an LG 42n to burn.

Now, authoring is a totally different issue…

[QUOTE=colin.p;1938408]…and added a 250 gig as a secondary (the largest my ECS K7S5A board will take). [/QUOTE]
I find that strange, because that is not a hard drive boundary I have ever heard of (now there is a lot), but if you can see more than 137 GB then I would expect that you have no other limits, because that is when 48 bit addressing is used and the next limit after 137 GB is over 144 peta byte IIRC.

As long as your hardware is post 1998 and you are not using a pre windows 2000 SP 4 (without the EnableBigLBA DWord set in the registry) or a pre SP1 XP then you have 48 bit addressing.

That’s good to know. The reason that I said that the 250 gig hd was the biggest that my old board would take was that was what ECS said was the largest. Maybe that was the biggest at the time and they never updated the site after. Well whatever the reason, the next hd I buy will be going into a newer computer anyways, but it is nice to know that if I ever want to put a bigger one into this one, I could always use this as a file server.

Its always possible that there is some weird ECS reason for the 250 GB limit, but I have never heard of it, and I sort of feel that I might,
I have sorted so many 137 GB (and 8.4 there was loads) problems for people I can edit the registry from memory and that sort of thing.